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Preserved Rose Arrangements

A beautifully crafted bouquet of roses is a gift that never fails to speak volumes. Whether it says, “I’m sorry”, “Happy Anniversary”, or “I love you”, roses are the perfect gift for any occasion. Preserved roses are a splendid option that exudes long-lasting elegance. Each of Don de Fleurs® roses undergoes a unique and intricate process to preserve its beauty and integrity. Once the roses are perfectly preserved, we dye a portion of them with rich, vibrant colors; the others we leave in their original color for our customers who appreciate the natural beauty of roses. Our selection of preserved roses for sale are natural roses that last a year or more, allowing you to marvel at their exquisiteness day and night.

Fresh Flower Arrangements

Don de Fleurs® presents our Fresh Roses in a Box Collection featuring beautifully unique floral arrangements that are each created with the client in mind. Presenting a loved one with roses is an age-old tradition that is still favored by many. Whether it be a single rose or an elegant bouquet, roses emanate beauty, refinement, admiration, and love. Our exceptional fresh, luxury roses in a box arrangement can say everything and more to that special someone, while creating a memory that will never be forgotten.