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The Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, Sunday May 13th for any of you who may have forgotten. We feel like our products are perfect for Mother’s Day and wanted to share some ideas with you.

The Unique Acrylic Collection

Our first idea will help keep the ladies in your life connected and make your shopping just one stop. One of our Mini Round Boxes, Rose Stem Boxes, or Acrylic Rose Stems will give each of the ladies a beautiful splash of color and elegance wherever they choose to keep it. Matching them is what really pushes this idea over the top, when your wife finds that her mother and mother-in-law all have the same beautiful flowers they won’t stop talking about how thoughtful you are. If you want to take it to another level, match pairs for each set of women so the flowers are always together, just like the ladies in your life want to be.

Preserved Roses In A Box

Looking for something a little more classic? Try one of the Square or Round Boxes, a simple, classic, and beautiful collection of Preserved Roses. They are available in a number of colors, which you can again mix and match to create a unique and special gift. Some ideas that we think are great, give mom a box mixed with the colors of her children’s birthstones, a lovely sentimental arrangement. Remind her of a favorite place, does she love the ocean a field of blues might bring her back.  Then there is always the simple classic, a field of her favorite color.


Preserved Roses Same Day Delivery Through South Florida

If you are in South Florida, we also have the option for same day delivery of luxury flowers in a box arrangements for delivery in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach areas. The flowers in a box rose arrangements also come in a variety of colors and allow you to customize your arrangement, much like the Square or Round Boxes. With the delivery service of our preserved roses to South Florida allows for same day delivery to ensure the absolute perfect flower arrangements delivered.

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