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The Classic Collection

Luxurious arrangements for long-lasting beauty and vitality

Our luxury floral arrangements will add a touch of style and elegance to any room—contributing to the overall aesthetics of your home.

The Suede Collection

A unique experience for all the senses

This unique collection offers the alluring beauty of our preserved roses that are matched with the silky-smooth texture of stylish suede box.

Heart Box Collection

Beautiful, curvy, soft, whimsical, and velvety to the touch

The Heart Box Collection exudes the natural beauty of our exclusive preserved roses in one of our most distinctive arrangements yet.

Acrylic Collection

A view of opulence and elegance from all angles

These beautiful arrangements of preserved roses are encased in a clear, acrylic case that offers a 360-degree view of our roses.

Grandiose Collection

A luxurious, extravagant arrangement that will catch everyone's eye

We carefully designed our Rectangular Suede Collection with versatility to serve as a centerpiece for the most breathtaking of greetings.

Natural Roses That Last A Year

Luxury In A Box

With the help of our carefully crafted preserved roses, Don de Fleurs® specializes in making thoughtful gestures of admiration last a lifetime. While we revere the natural beauty of fresh roses, we believe our preserved rose arrangements are the embodiment of luxury, thoughtfulness, and endless love.

Our Suede Box arrangement combines the smooth, velvety feel of the suede box, the delightfully floral fragrance of our roses, and the visually beautiful display of the preserved roses to create the ultimate form of luxury in a box. This gorgeous reserved rose arrangement allows you to appreciate it with your senses. Also featured in our Preserved Rose Collection is our Classic Box which includes the Mini and Petite boxes, as well as the Small, Medium, and Large Round and Square boxes. With vibrant rose colors accented with black, white, and gold, these special arrangements exude a simple, timeless elegance that can’t be replicated. In accordance with the theme of elegance, Don de Fleurs® welcomes two new arrangements to this exclusive collection: Acrylic and the Mémoir Photo Box. Emanating with opulence, our Acrylic collection features a variety of arrangements of sumptuous preserved roses encased in a clear, acrylic box. These stunning arrangements provides recipients with 360-degrees of beauty and admiration. Similar to our Acrylic arrangements, the Mémoire Photo Box features a clear and durable acrylic box, topped with our finest preserved roses. But for a touch of unique personalization, the Mémoire Photo Box displays four of your most treasured photos. Not only will you be enraptured by the beauty of this arrangement, but you’ll also be able to reminisce on some of your favorite memories.

Luxury roses in a box is our specialty, and with our collection of Preserved Rose Arrangements, we are able to provide that to each and every one of our customers. Shop the Don de Fleurs® extensive preserved rose collections today!