During the summer of 2015, my husband and I took a romantic trip to Europe to celebrate our wedding anniversary. There, on the streets of London, I stumbled upon a beautiful, luxurious and unique hat boutique. Immediately captivated, I glanced through the display window and noticed a hat box with beautifully intricate flowers arranged with artistic aesthetics. With my knowledge and passion for flowers, I was truly in awe of how beautiful these flowers were curated and couldn’t help but think how unique it was to showcase these floral arrangements in hat boxes! The memory of this moment was forever planted in my mind, and when returning home, I searched the floral industry endlessly to find an impeccable floral arrangement designed in a hat box or something equally as creative.

This venture was not successful, however, it gave me the ultimate inspiration to create a different approach to gifting flowers. With exquisiteness, uniqueness, luxury and beauty in mind, the idea for Don de Fleurs®--the “Gift of Flowers”--was born.

In November of 2015, this spark of inspiration became a reality for us. Don de Fleurs® was the first specialty flower boutique company in the Miami area, offering one-of-a-kind, luxurious fresh flower and preserved rose arrangements in our signature boxes--with a tip of the hat to the charming hat shop we discovered in London. Our mission is to bring a new and luxurious approach to ‘gift’ flowers to your loved one.


Don de Fleurs® is a family owned and operated company that has a deep passion for creating stunning floral arrangements. With a vision to create a modern flower boutique, we have truly revolutionized and revamped the floral industry. Our team of floral experts adds a luxurious European flair and a unique style to our products by offering clients one-of-a-kind floral arrangements that leave a wonderful lasting impression on your loved ones. With brilliant pops of color and touches of exotic florals, we’ve taken floral arrangements to the next level.

As a full-service Miami florist and event company, Don de Fleurs® specializes in creating luxurious floral arrangements that inspire beauty, uniqueness, and long-lasting memories. Based in South Florida, the Don de Fleurs® team has transformed the luxury flower delivery industry by offering floral arrangements that are superior in size, color, and most importantly, longevity. Not to mention, we take pride in our quick and efficient Miami fdelivery services.

To ensure the freshest delivery of flowers, we will hand-deliver our arrangements to your door the same day you order. We offer this special delivery service in the South Florida region: Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach. For our valued customers that live outside of South Florida, we offer speedy, nationwide shipping options.

From fresh roses in a box to preserved roses, our diverse selection of colors and styles is something to admire. For each of our arrangements, we offer our clients a variety of design styles that are appropriate and complement any and all occasions with perfection. From parties, corporate events, anniversaries, get well, new baby, sympathy, holidays, even to those ‘just thinking of you’ moments, Don de Fleurs® can craft the ultimate arrangement that’s sure to take your breath away. From start to finish, our talented floral designers will work with you and bring your ideas to life. The end result? A beautiful and custom-made boxed flower arrangement that’s eye-catching and delivered with ultimate sophistication.


In order to keep our striking reputation throughout the floral arrangement/delivery industry, we only offer our clients the best of the best. We assure that all of our roses and other floral pieces are in the best, most flawless condition before crafting each and every arrangement. It’s our promise to you to provide you with a beautiful display that exudes brilliance and perfection. With ample research and trial and error, our team of floral professionals constructed a thorough preservation process that ensures your preserved rose arrangement lasts up to a year, allowing you to revel in their beauty and create lasting memories.

At Don de Fleurs®, our mission is to help you make your relationships "Blossom", and what better way to do so than with a display of gorgeous flowers! We believe that flowers are the perfect gift for every occasion, and so, we aspire to mark every special moment with a luxurious presentation of flowers. With our distinctive designs, high-quality flowers, and superior services, our customer satisfaction is guaranteed 100%! Explore our selection of florals and let the Don de Fleurs® experience change the way you buy flower arrangements.