The idea for exquisite florals, inspired by the streets of London

In 2015, we took a romantic trip to London to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We stumbled upon a beautiful, luxurious hat boutique and inside, was this hat box with beautifully intricate flowers.

With our knowledge and passion for flowers, we couldn’t help but think how unique it would be to showcase these floral arrangements in hat boxes! Upon returning home, we searched the floral industry endlessly to find an impeccable floral arrangement designed in a hat box or something equally as creative.

Our vision began with flowers but blossomed into something more

With a tip of the hat to the charming hat shop we discovered in London, in November 2015, the spark of inspiration became a reality for us. Don de Fleurs® was the first specialty flower boutique company in the Miami area.

Delivering luxurious experiences that last a lifetime

Don de Fleurs® is a family owned and operated company that has a deep passion for creating stunning floral arrangements. With a vision to create a modern flower boutique, we have truly revolutionized and revamped the floral industry.

Our team of floral experts adds a luxurious European flair and a unique style to our products by offering clients one-of-a-kind floral arrangements that leave a wonderful lasting impression on your loved ones. With brilliant pops of color and touches of exotic florals, we’ve taken floral arrangements to the next level.

Specializing in production of the highest quality preserved roses

With our high standard and commitment to quality, we source real fresh cut flowers from our exclusive farm in Ecuador. All of our roses are handpicked and cut when they are at their most beautiful stage and which undergo a preservation process that allows them to maintain a completely natural appearance and feel, as if they were freshly-cut flowers!

Our mission is to deliver to our valued customers a one-of-a-kind, luxurious experience with our flower arrangements in a new and unique approach to ‘gift’ flowers to your loved one.