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Touch of Style and Elegance

Luxurious arrangements for long-lasting beauty and vitality

Classic Collection


Preserved roses are a splendid option that exudes long-lasting elegance. Each of Don de Fleurs® roses undergoes a unique and intricate process to preserve its beauty and integrity. Once the roses are perfectly preserved, we dye a portion of them with rich, vibrant colors; the others we leave in their original hue for our customers who appreciate the natural beauty of roses. Our selection of preserved roses for sale act as the perfect gift for any occasion and are guaranteed to last for a year or more.

If you are in search of a gift of simplicity that emanates admiration and grace, then you’ll want to take a look at our Mini Round White Classic Box and Mini Round Black Classic Box arrangement. Each Don de Fleurs® Mini Round Box includes a single, elegant preserved rose in your choice of color such as—Red, White, Baby Pink, Dark Blue, and Gold. Displayed in a chic, white or black box, the Mini Round Box is sure to make a lasting impression on the lucky recipient. Or, if you are in the market for a preserved rose boxed arrangement that’s custom made to fit your loved one’s exquisite tastes, then our Custom Large Square Box and Custom Large Round Box are just what you’re looking for.

Our Custom Large Square White Classic Box and Custom Large Round White Classic Box allows you to select your preferred color scheme and design in which you want the roses to be presented. Choose from alternating rows, a checkered design, or a variety of Ombré designs that features an assortment of breathtaking colors. Once you have selected the perfect, custom arrangement, you can choose two different rose colors to tie it all together. Select from Red, White, Blush, Baby Pink, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Emerald Green, Yellow, Rose Gold, Silver, or Gold. The elegant box your roses are fashioned in, come in your color choice of white or black. Additionally, Don de Fleurs® Custom Round and Square Classic Box arrangements are available in Small, and Medium, box sizes. 

All of our preserved roses for sale are 100% natural roses. Our collection of elegant arrangements do not require water or any maintenance to sustain their natural beauty.