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Acrylic 5 Preserved Rose Box


Our Acrylic 5 Rose Drawer contains a bed of 5 of our delicately preserved roses that are nestled within our crystal clear acrylic box. This luxurious Rose Drawer will brighten up your home with a unique, luxurious flare and will fully protect the roses arranged within. While the crystal clear casing offers a 360-degree view of every detail of the roses, the acrylic drawers will hold your favorite items, such as jewelry, keys, makeup, etc.

Our special preservative process keep these roses as fresh and beautiful as they were the day you received them. The best part is, they do not require any maintenance or water to flourish. Our Acrylic 5 Rose Drawer offers long-lasting beauty. To create an Acrylic 5 Rose Drawer of your own or for a loved one, simply select your desired rose color and let our team of professionals bring your vision to life.

100% Real, hand-picked roses

Every single Don de Fleurs rose is hand-picked from our farm in Ecuador and specially packaged for our store. This ensures only the most beautiful flowers for our customers.

Perfectly preserved to last a year

With our proprietary preservation process, the pristine quality of our floral arrangements will look amazing all year round. To maintain the beauty of your flowers, all you have to do is follow our detailed care instructions.

Need help choosing your arrangement?

Speak with one of our expert floral designers to create the perfect box for your occasion.