Deluxe Collection (Only Available in South Florida)

Unique floral arrangements have a beautiful way of expressing the feelings we have for our loved ones. From a simple ‘congratulations’ to a grand gesture of love and admiration, fresh roses truly say it all. Their aromatic fragrance and brilliant colors also serve as the perfect centerpiece for any celebration or event--adding a sublime touch of luxury and elegance. At Don de Fleurs, our exceptional flower box arrangements are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on every lucky recipient. Our talented florists dedicate themselves to create fresh floral arrangements that are custom-tailored to each of our clients’ desires--producing an eye-catching and breathtaking effect every time. A picture may say a thousand words, but our Fresh Roses in a Box-Deluxe Collection say so much more.

Unique Floral Arrangements In South Florida

Don de Fleurs’ Fresh Roses in a Box-Deluxe Collection features beautifully unique floral arrangements that are each created with the client in mind. In this collection, customers can choose from the Medium Square Box, Medium Round Box, and the Large Square Box. For a marvelous romantic gesture she won’t forget, our Large Square Box is the perfect match. With Don de Fleurs’ Large Square Box of fresh roses, you’ll have the ability to select the box color your floral arrangement will arrive in--either black or white--as well as the type of floral design you want to surprise your loved one with. All of the boxes in the Fresh Roses in a Box-Deluxe Collection allow you to choose from a simple, but ravishing roses-only arrangement or a sensational mixed arrangement featuring a variety of elegant flowers. Our Medium Round Box is another favorite, with a spherical box that comes in your choice of white or pink. With its delicate, rounded edges, the Medium Round Box is the perfect option for a decorative centerpiece--providing its admirers with a 360-degree view of elegance and beauty.

Rose colors for the Large Square Box, Medium Square Box, and Medium Round Box come in your choice of red, white, cream, light pink, hot pink, lavender, purple, yellow, peach, and orange; a color for every preference. Depending on the box size you choose, rose-only arrangements feature 75-100 roses, while mixed arrangements have approximately 40-50 roses plus a variety of mixed florals. Additionally, each box from the Fresh Roses in a Box-Deluxe Collection comes with a personalized greeting card and a floral care instructions card to keep your gorgeous flower box arrangement in optimal, long-lasting condition. Any arrangement from our Fresh Roses in a Box-Collection is sure to convey your deepest feelings, leaving a beautiful, long-lasting impression on that special someone.


Please be advised, due to their size and viridity, our Fresh Roses in a Box are only available for delivery in the South Florida area. Additionally, since our talented florists take their time to produce the perfect arrangement for our clients, any orders that are placed after 10 A.M. Eastern Time may be delivered the next business day.