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Welcome to Don de Fleurs®

Established in 2015.

Don de Fleurs® is a full service, unique South Florida florist located in Miami. We are a family owned and operated company that established itself in 2015. Our vision was to create a modern flower boutique that would revolutionize and revamp the floral industry. The mission was to add a luxurious European flair with a unique style by offering one-of-a-kind enduring, superior floral arrangements that would make a truly lasting impression on your loved ones. With our special preserving processes, your flowers will recall special moments for up to a year leaving a lasting impression of joy and beauty. 

We deliver our fresh roses in a box arrangement locally and ship our long lasting preserved roses nationwide.

South Florida Flower Delivery

As a premier South Florida florist, we offer both fresh cut flower arrangements and exquisite preserved rose arrangements. Our fresh roses in a box are expertly handcrafted and meticulously designed in an eye-capturing arrangement and come in a small, medium, or large size decorative square or round box. As a prominent South Florida flower delivery service, we perform the same day delivery for those in Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach - all this to ensure the absolute freshest arrangement.

A Variety of Preserved Roses

We all know the saying, “Beauty is fleeting,” however Don de Fleurs® challenges this expression by preserving real roses through an intricate and carefully performed process. These preserved roses will last up to a year or longer, and require no water or maintenance. We provide a vast array of options for our preserved roses and our floral specialist can help customize beautiful creative patterns, letters, and symbols in our arrangements, all with an enchanting color palette.

They, like the fresh roses, come in small, medium, or large sizes in our stylish square or round boxes. We also have a preserved rose stem box containing a single, yet romantic rose. With the same day delivery and nationwide shipping option, Don de Fleurs® luxurious preserved roses can be tailored to your request. We hope you find joy in picking out and even designing your arrangement for the person, event, or occasion in your life. Preserve the moment of a lifetime with Don de Fleurs® roses. 

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