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8 Ideas for Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

8 Ideas for Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

While the most avid reader can curl up just about anywhere with a good book, wouldn’t you rather have a special place to read the afternoon away in a cozy reading nook of your own? With the craziness of life, it can be pure joy to sit down with a good book and escape for an hour or two…or three. But if your space lacks, well…space and you can’t find that perfect place to read, look no further. Here are a few great ideas that will guide you toward creating your perfect haven of literature.

Utilize a Cozy Closet

Admittedly, many of us probably don’t have a spare closet. But if you’re lucky enough to have one (or want an excuse to clean out the boxes that have been collecting dust for years) you may just have the perfect reading nook right in front of your eyes. 

Imagine this: a built-in bench with overstuffed pillows and a wall mounted reading lamp tucked into a cozy closet. Doesn’t that sound much better than stacks of dusty boxes and clothes that haven’t been worn since side ponytails were in style? And for an extra added touch, decorate with a box of Don de Fleurs® preserved roses in any color to match your desired décor. A relaxing purple. A Soothing yellow. A calming pink. And with our roses that last up to a year, you’ll surround yourself in the decadent, sweet smell of real roses whenever you settle in with a good book and cup of tea. Photo Source: Pretty Handy Girl

Use Empty Wall Space

With a few well-placed bookcases to frame the space and a blank wall, you can create a reading nook without having an actual nook. A bit of decoration, some soft pillows and perhaps a few roses on the shelves to create ambiance and voilà. Out of nowhere, a reading nook doth appear.

A Well-Lit Corner

Without purpose, corners are often left undecorated and lonely looking. What exactly do you do with the corner of a room anyway, right?  Well, here’s an idea. If you have a sun-drenched corner, consider adding a comfy little chair, a reading light, and a table for your cup of tea (and a box of roses) and you’ve just created your own reading space.

Swing The Afternoon Away

Did you ever dream of having a swing in your house as a kid? Well now you can! By hanging a swinging chair from the ceiling, you can easily create a designated space for reading without needing to make any major changes to the room itself. With a swipe of the credit card and a few tools, you have an instant reading space.

Create your Own Secret Garden

If you love the outdoors, consider creating a space of your own to read amongst the roses.
Drape some outdoor curtains or fabric over a tree branch or bush to create a reading hideaway. Add in twinkle lights or lanterns and enjoy your book long past the setting of the sun. Photo Source: Oprah Daily

Channel Your Inner Harry Potter

The unutilized space under your stairs will make an amazing reading nook without taking from valuable and sometimes limited square footage elsewhere.

Add a few pillows and a reading lamp to your own “cupboard under the stairs” and “wingardium leviosa” (or something like that) a reading nook worthy of the most talented wizard will magically appear. Photo Source: Brook Wagner Designs

Divide Your Space

Particularly useful in studio apartments or homes with open floor plans, screens can help divvy out dedicated space for a reading nook without cutting into your valuable square footage or open feel. Screens come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, so chances are you’ll be able to find something that appeals to your personal design.

Create a Window Seat

Most people make the mistake of thinking you need a bay window to create a window seat. In fact, any window (particularly a corner window) is a great opportunity to create a sunny and comfy place to read.
With the addition of a simple bench and some cushions, your reading nook is good to go. Even better, most bench designs include storage! Killing two birds with one stone as they say. Photo Credit: @homesweetlakehouse

The Power of Roses and Your Well-Being

Reading is a great way to relieve the stresses of the day and escape, but if you need a little added boost to your relaxation, consider decorating your new reading nook with roses. We’re not just saying this because we are in the rose business. From making your surroundings more beautiful, to improving your mood and relieving stress, science has shown that roses have a positive impact on our overall well-being. Roses have many medicinal uses that have been implemented throughout the centuries. But that is for another blog! In the meantime, go find your nook and enjoy a good book!

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