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Achieving the Easter Decorating Stratosphere of Fame!

5 Creative Easter Decorating Ideas This Year! A Few ideas to Get You on Your Way!

Easter Sunday is right around the corner. A time to gather with family and friends, Easter is a special time of year and as such, is worthy of some extra special décor. Whether you’re serving an Easter Brunch or just want to decorate for the season, Easter is a great opportunity to impress your guests with your decorating prowess. But if that prowess is less than…well, “prowessful” (we know, it’s not a word!) than have no fear. Don de Fleurs® is here! Below we’ve listed a few ideas that will start those creative juices flowing!


Spring Into Color

Glinda the Good Witch once told a girl from Kansas that the best place to start is at the beginning. Deciding on a color pallet for your Easter decorations is a good first step. Birds are chirping, flowers are beginning to bloom, and the sun is shining brightly.

Your Easter colors should match the vibrancy of the season. From classic pastels to vivacious yellows, oranges, and greens, to the religiously significant colors of the holiday, the possibilities are endless. Mixing and matching colors can bring life into any Easter decoration. Not sure what colors to choose? Not a problem. There are a million resources online to help you decide. Once you’ve decided on a color pallet, the fun can begin!


Create an Easter Tree

Originally a German tradition, people have been decorating outdoor trees and bushes with Easter eggs for centuries. Over time, this tradition has evolved. Easter Trees can serve as a table centerpiece or decoration around the house. You can purchase a tree, make one from a wire frame or even use twigs and branches from your yard placed in a colorful vase. Decorate your tree with ornaments and colorful flowers (or…ahem…luxury preserved roses) that bring together your overall theme and color pallet.

And bonus…by swapping out ornaments and colors, you can use your tree for any holiday season. Get a few Christmas baubles and some red roses and Bibbidi-bobbidi-Boo …you’re ready to go!

Easter Baskets

An Easter Basket can be much more than just a basket with some eggs. A bit of creativity can really dress up a boring old basket, making for a beautiful centerpiece, porch decoration or even a gift. To do so, you must think beyond eggs and shredded plastic Easter grass.

A store-bought basket, a bit of moss and rose petals a golden chocolate bunny and a few colorful eggs (think back to your color pallet) all artfully arranged, is a great and inexpensive way to create an interesting Easter basket. Your Easter basket decorations can also be used as a gift or party favor. By adding an Easter ornament, colorful picture frame or other memento, you’ve got yourself a “two for one” Easter decoration.

Create an Easter Wreath

Christmas doesn’t have ownership over wreath decorations. Whether you’re welcoming guests or the Amazon delivery person, a wreath is an easy way to liven up any front door. And again, like everything here, the possibilities are endless.

Decorate Your Table

If you’re hosting Easter brunch or dinner, chances are you’ll need to set your table. Hey, even if you’re not, it never hurts to jazz it up anyway. Arranging a festive Easter table is a great way to show off your decorating skills and bring in some creativity. Flowers are classic table decoration (we’re in the preserved roses business, you can’t blame us). You can spend hundreds of dollars on floral arrangements for your Easter table that last a few days at best. Or with our luxury preserved roses that come in any color imaginable, you can create a beautiful design that can be enjoyed for up to a year and beyond.

Place Settings – whether you’re going for formal or casual think past the classic white plates and incorporate your colors into the plates, bowls, and glasses themselves. Colorful chargers, place mats, and uniquely shaped bowls (think cabbage) can bring a lot of style and interest to your table. Consider Easter and spring themed glass charms to help your guests keep track of their wine glass AND zest them up a bit.

Napkins – napkins are another place to bring in your Easter colors. But their use doesn’t stop there. Napkin folding is a lost art these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t resurrect it for your Easter table. A quick internet search can bring up a multitude of online videos and instructions showing how to fold napkins in the shape of easter bunny ears, eggs, birds, and even flowers.

Place Cards – if you’re thinking of using place cards on your Easter table, ditch the boring paper ones and bring in a bit of pizazz. Consider brightly colored eggs, with artfully written names or chocolate bunnies with name tags. Small collections of flowers with name tags can help bring in decoration, a lively spring feel, and color AND they can serve as a party favor. Guess what? Our mini and petite box of preserved roses collection are perfect for this! A great idea if we do say so ourselves!

Centerpieces – the possibilities for centerpiece decorations are endless as well. You can never go wrong with a flower arrangement and Don de Fleurs® roses in a box are a great option.

Our roses come in a variety of colors to compliment your Easter theme. Did you really expect us not to mention this? Even better, once Easter is over, our long-lasting roses will bring months of joyous decoration to your home.

A decorative or artistic vase can highlight your flowered centerpieces and guess what, you don’t even need to purchase an expensive one! Consider buying a simple glass vase (you might even have one laying around the house somewhere.)  You can fill the bottom of it with chocolate eggs, colorful rose petals or even surround the edges with Peeps (yes, those sugary chicks that appear everywhere this time of the year) and before you know it, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind flower arrangement.

Scatter a few chocolate easter bunnies, eggs, and an individual rose in a box here and there on the table and voila! These are just a few ideas to spark your creativity. With a little thought and an open mind, you too can catapult yourself into the Easter Decorating Stratosphere of Fame.

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