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Unique Mother's Day Gifts

Show Your Love By Making It A Mother’s Day to Remember

“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” 
—Charley Benetto
With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you may be looking for a way to express your love, respect and honor for the woman who has nurtured, guided, and loved you throughout the years. There’s no one quite as special as mom, right? Here are a few ideas to make this Mother’s Day just as unique and beautiful as she is.

Time to Relax

Let’s face it. Moms work hard and they deserve a bit of R&R. A gift card to a luxurious spa is always a great go to, what if there isn’t one in your area or it’s a bit out of your price range? Not to worry. With a bit of work, you can create a private luxury spa experience for mom right in the comfort of her own home. Luxury spas spend thousands of dollars (ok, probably more) to create a comprehensive experience that submerges the five senses into a world of peace, harmony, and relaxation. But, with a little work and a few ideas from us, you can do the same…for a lot less!  

Sense #1 - Sight

Proper lighting can help enhance deep relaxation. Softly flickering candlelight has been shown to reduce stress and increase self-awareness. The low light helps to ease the eyes and create a meditative state. Lighting candles throughout the room will create a calming glow. A word of warning – don’t overpower her with scent. Use scented candles to appeal to her sense of smell and unscented candles to set the mood.

Flowers have been shown to increase levels of positive energy and help people relax as well. Surrounding her with bunches of flowers can further help set a calming spa-like mood. Flowers, especially roses, can transform a room from everyday life into a luxurious spa. We must pause here to highlight Don de Fleurs® luxury preserved roses, which area available in a multitude of colors. A box of preserved roses can last over a year, long past mom’s day of relaxation.

Sense #2 - Sound

One of the best ways to create a calming mood is through music. Find soft, melodious instrumental music to play in the background as mom relaxes away her cares. Most luxury spas take their cues from nature, with music containing crashing waves, rain, running water or birdsong. Many pull themes from Chinese, Japanese or Native American music played on traditional instruments.

Perhaps most importantly however is quiet. Mom won’t relax if she hears screaming children running like rambunctious monkeys down the hallway.

Sense #3 - Smell

A spa is lightly perfumed with a calming scent to enhance relaxation and quiet the mind. Lighting a candle is the quickest way to help create a serene state of mind. Lavender and Cedarwood have been shown to help relax the mind. But for a true luxurious aromatherapy experience, the sweet notes of rose are top of the list.

Sense #4 - Taste

Spas often offer their guests hot tea and small snacks, such as mixed nuts, to enjoy as they let the stress of life fade. There are many teas that are recommended to help relax, rose, lavender and chamomile being among the most popular.

Sense #5 - Touch

A warm blanket or fluffy robe can go a long way when relaxing tired muscles. Many deluxe spas provide their guests with luxurious robes to lounge the day away.

Personalized Memories

Every mom loves a picture of their little one (yes, you’ll always be a little one no matter how old you are). Consider nixing the store-bought frame and make a personalized one yourself. It’s not hard to do, we promise. With a bit of creativity, you can create a one-of-a-kind photo frame out of just about anything. Have a few twigs in your yard? All you need is a hot glue gun (be careful…that stuff burns!) Does mom love shiny things? Bedazzle a store-bought frame with colored jewels. If that special lady in your life loves flowers, grab the hot glue gun, a store bought frame, and a few artificial flowers (*gasp*) and glue away. Then all you need is a photo of you and mom. Finish off the presentation with roses in a box that last a year in mom’s favorite color and alakazam…you’ve done it!

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed is a luxury that many moms would love to indulge in on Mother’s Day. But how do you create that perfect breakfast in bed experience for mom? No worries. We’ll help you!

Serve Her Favorite Breakfast Foods

This is an easy one, but keep in mind that just because you love Fruit Loops, doesn’t mean she does…although, if she does, by all means serve them!

Attention to Detail

One of the things that makes breakfast in bed so special is the extra care given toward the presentation. A beautiful setting on a tray will give the feeling of luxury. A proper setting, cloth napkins, and doilies highlighted by a box of preserved roses (shameless self-promotion…can you blame us?) are sure to make your breakfast in bed a success! 

A Few Extras

Include a card or small gift on the tray for mom to discover. Our individual roses fit nicely (yep, we did it again!) Or perhaps there is a poem that captures how truly special she is to you.

Decadence Never Goes Unnoticed

In addition to mom’s favorite breakfast foods, spoil her with a mimosa or chocolate covered strawberries and fruit. Who doesn’t love chocolate!

Multi-Course Meal

Wake mom up with a cup of coffee or tea in her favorite mug (another great Mother’s Day gift!) and let her enjoy slowly waking up with her favorite book or morning paper. This will also give you a bit of time to finish breakfast, ensuring it is hot before serving or…heaven forbid…give you time to run to the grocery store for that forgotten ingredient.

Clean Up the Kitchen

When mom finally arises to start her day, make sure she doesn’t come downstairs to a kitchen that looks like a bomb went off. While breakfast in bed is an excellent idea for Mother’s Day, leaving a messy kitchen in its wake won’t have the intended effect you hoped.


Yes, flowers are a timeless Mother’s Day gift. But flowers are hard to keep fresh and let’s face it…they don’t last for long. But we have the solution. A box of our preserved roses can last up to a year, continually freshening mom’s surrounds with the luxurious smell of sweet rose. We promise it will be the gift that keeps on giving, reminding mom of the eternal love you carry for her.

Happy Mother’s Day from Don de Fleurs®

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