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New Preserved Rose Products Coming Soon!

New Products Releases

We are excited to be bringing several new lines of products to you. We are most excited to show you our acrylic boxes and cases, it’s a completely clear material and is incredibly durable meant to last a lifetime.

The Acrylic Collection

The crystal clear and durable material will also be available for larger arrangements in our new Acrylic Rose Drawers. These drawers will match the beauty of our preserved roses with the functionality of multi-purpose drawers built in. You will have the same full 360° view of the roses with the addition of room to store items. There are so many ways to use these drawers to brighten up your space, from jewelry or makeup at home to keys and other important items at work, the options are almost endless. Whatever you decide to keep in your drawer know that your roses will be maintenance free and the drawer worry free thanks to its strength and durability. 

Our Acrylic Rose Stems are one that we are eager to share. One of our beautiful preserved roses is placed in the crystal clear acrylic case, so that you can admire its beauty from all angles. Every detail of the preserved rose from stem to each delicate petal is visible with full 360° viewing; the durable acrylic case will protect the rose and is crafted to be one of the few things that will outlast our flowers. This combination of beauty and durability make it a perfect decoration for home, office, or anywhere else you want to add worry and maintenance free decoration.

The Classic Roses In a Box Collection

Finally, we are adding smaller versions of both our round and square boxes. With the Mini Round Boxes, a single preserved rose fills the box and makes a wonderful thank you or even I thinking of you gift. 


The Petite Square Boxes are filled with four of our preserved roses and are perfect for adding a touch of color and elegance to any room at home or in the office.

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