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What Are Preserved Roses?

What Are Preserved Roses?

Whether for a wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just because, roses have long been a go-to flower for any occasion or decoration. Roses are beautiful, velvety, sweet smelling and decadent. But like any flower, roses don’t remain beautiful, velvety, sweet smelling and decadent for long. But what if we told you that wasn’t altogether true. Enter the preserved rose – real roses that last a year! “What?” you say. A box of roses that last a year!? You heard right and at Don de Fleurs® we specialize in creating preserved luxury roses that last a year, testing the boundaries of time.

 What Exactly is a Box of Preserved Roses?

 You’ve probably seen dried flowers, right? For years people have hung flowers upside down in dark closets to dry them in the hopes of being able to hold on to the memory or occasion the flowers represent – think wedding bouquet. Unfortunately, drying flowers takes form their vibrant color and scent – believe us when we say dried flowers do not smell like flowers!

Preserved roses are natural roses that undergo a process to literally “preserve” their color, freshness, and scent for years. At Don de Fleurs® we carefully preserve our roses using a special proprietary and delicate process, which is then dyed with rich and vibrant colors to ensure the roses keep their natural beauty for years to come.

Preserved roses are highly customizable. From the classical red and pinks to neon yellow and even rainbow, preserved roses come in a variety of colors – in fact the options are only limited by your imagination, making them a perfect option for a wedding or home décor. Just imagine receiving a box of gold roses! At Don de Fleurs® we can make that happen.

What are the Benefits of Preserved Roses?

  • Easy Care: Preserved roses in a box do not require water, sunlight or refrigeration to keep them looking beautiful and, as we’ve said, preserved roses from Don de Fleurs® can last up to one year or more under the proper conditions.
  • Allergy-Free: Even though roses self-pollenate, they do encounter other flowers and greenery that don’t. The preservation process removes any allergy inducing pollen from the flowers.
  • Bang for Your Buck: while preserved roses may cost more upfront, the ability to enjoy them for months and even years ensures you’ll get every penny (and more) out of your purchase.
  • Customizable: as we’ve mentioned, the look of preserved roses is only limited by your imagination. Have a favorite color? Sure thing. Need something specific for a wedding or event? Don de Fleurs® has you covered.

Preserved Roses Mean Preserved Memories

Admit it, you’ve kept flowers long past their expiration date to hold on to the feelings and memories of what those flowers represent. A bride’s bouquet. A declaration of love. An engagement, graduation or just because. We’ve all been there, don’t worry. And we all know what happens to flowers that have exceeded their allotted time here on earth. But preserved roses can last years, given you the joy of reliving those memories over and over again with each glimpse or scent.


Caring for Preserved Roses

Don de Fleurs® preserved roses are easy to care for, making them a stress-free option to enjoy fresh flowers year-round. You don’t need to remember to water them (yay!), and they don’t need sunlight or refrigeration. And guess what? They are available anytime, anywhere.

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